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Argosy stud

Argosy Stud located within Sydney Polo Club is a family owned and operated Polo Pony Horse stud situated on the Hawkesbury River, NSW. Each year we actively breed, train and campaign our own progeny with primary purpose for the polo field. 


At Argosy, we have a commitment to excellence in all horse disciplines. Our main focus is to breed, buy, train and sell quality polo horses and have our stock recognised all over the world. We first developed our breeding program in 2011, any horses that do not have what it takes to be exceptional polo horses are sold on as stock horses, dressage horses, eventers or general riding horses. 


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To consistently breed high quality sporting horses using tried and proven bloodlines.

To market and find placement for that horse with a rider that will form the most successful partnership possible.

  1. Utilising the high sporting ability of our foundation mares and perpetuating those female bloodlines in our breeding program.  Thus, establishing  'lines' or 'families' that today show consistency in type, temperament and ability within their own line.

  2. Enhancing our breed through stallion selection; reference to conformation and type as well as ancestral bloodlines that may complement our female lines.

  3. Recognise and harness new opportunities as they present themselves; ones that will enable us to continue our mission statement into the future.
If you are after something in particular feel free to contact us and I'm sure we can find something to suit you.
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INDY $15,000


​​SEX: Female

AGE: 06/09/2006 



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